Integrated Housing Complex for Industrial workers

Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (HSIIDC) gave go ahead for the development of integrated housing complex for industrial workers. The scheme to be funded under Economic Stimulus Package announced in the budget 2009-10 by the state government.

The scheme is announced for housing for industrial workers at IMT Rohtak, IMT Faridabad, Kundli, Rai and Barhi. The state government will allot Rs 30 crore in three equal installments of Rs 10 crore each. HSIIDC reports, the draft project report of the project is under finalization. The first installment for the project will be released immediately to the corporation. The project would be completed in 18 months.

The industrial estates with entrepreneurs either of fully operational or in production industrial projects would be eligible for this scheme. If there is application exceeding the number of dwelling units, allotment will done on draw of lots. Under the industrial housing scheme, dormitory units having covered area of 114.30 sq mtrs and dwelling units covering 29.14 sq mtrs would be constructed. The dormitory units would be allotted as one unit for 12 persons to the existing industrial units. An industrial unit could apply for a maximum of four dormitory units. Individual dwelling units would also be allotted to the existing unit in the industrial estate.

The allotment would be made on a deferred payment scheme wherein the applicant would pay ten per cent with the application, 15 per cent after allotment and balance 75 per cent in five equated half-yearly installments carrying nominal interest. The application exceeding the number of dwelling units, allotment will be done on draw of lots.


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