Notices have been put up in building for lifts operating without license

Chennai: Nearly 40 notices have been put up in buildings, including residential structures, at K.K.Nagar, Virugambakkam, Kodambakkam and Ashok Nagar since Tuesday. According to the notice, lift owners are advised to operate the facility after obtaining licence under the Tamil Nadu Lifts Act 1997 within two months.The Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate is serving notices.

According to the official, there are nearly 7,000 licensed lifts in the city. Licences of only 30-40 per cent of lifts had been renewed. About 1,000 lifts have identified, whose licences have not been renewed, and 500 that are being operated without licence.The inspection is carried out for the lifts in use for which permission have not been obtained based on petitions received by the department.It is for the first time that such a drive is being conducted.Earlier, owners of such buildings cautioned by placing an advertisement in the media.

As per the Tamil Nadu Lifts Act 1997, the defaulters would be levied a penalty up to Rs.1,000 and those who continue to flout the rules would have to pay Rs.50 for every additional day of use.
Notices for lifts without license in city


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