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Government has directed TNEB to buy power from outside to ensure 24-hour supply

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) will provide 24-hour supply to the city and its suburbs, and 22-hour supply to towns and other districts.The state government has directed the TNEB to buy power from outside to ensure 24-hour supply to the city and suburbs and maintain the current supply to other districts in the state.

Chennaiites have been concerned about power cuts like in the summer of 2008 marked by sweaty nights and mosquito bites.This summer could be better. β€œThe government has given us instructions to maintain the current power supply in the state. For this purpose we will be purchasing 800 Mega Watt (MW) to 1,200 MW of power initially. Later we will procure 1,500 MW from private players and other states. This will continue till May,” said a senior TNEB official.

Farmers will be supplied power for 10 hours a day. While small-scale industries will not have power cuts, high tension industries will have the curbs between 6pm and 10pm. Those who have sought additional power will not be facing the cuts.

Source: Times of India-Chennai


Lucknow property tax defaulters in for trouble

Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has decided to attach the properties of erring house owners and forfeit them to recover the tax. The Corporation have been sending reminders to defaulting property owners for the past many years.LMC would soon begin the exercise of attaching the properties, and forfeiting them to recover the pending dues. The LMC would also seize the bank accounts of the defaulting property owners, in an exercise which is set to begin within a period of a week.

There are over a dozen government buildings, residential and commercial property owners who owe massive dues towards the municipal body. The combined dues of all government buildings in the state capital are estimated to be around Rs 20 crore. Urban development sources said that a recent survey has found that Lucknow has some 6 lakh odd houses, even though only some 4 lakh houses are covered. Comprehensively, the dues of Rs 30 crore could be significant given the fact that the total house tax earning of LMC happens to be in the range of around Rs 80 crore.

A senior official in the department said that the tax is either under-assessed or is not assessed at all. The municipal body has now started issuing revised tax to the house owners.In fact, the municipal corporation has drawn a list of some 150 such owners β€” both residential and commercial β€” whose outstanding house tax dues have sky-rocketed to a whopping Rs 10 crore.


Times of India