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Now pay more for travelling in autos

The recent increase in the prices of CNG has prompted auto and taxi drivers to demand hike in fares. Over 80,000 taxis and a lakh auto-rickshaws in Mumbai on Tuesday went off the roads after a strike by drivers demanding hike in fares. The taxi union is asking for a hike in the minimum fare of black and yellow taxis from Rs 14 to Rs 16. Auto unions are demanding that the minimum fare for rickshaws be increased by Rs 6 to Rs 15 and Rs 8 for every subsequent kilometer. Rickshaws currently charge Rs 9 as minimum fare.

The Delhi Government on Tuesday hiked auto fares in the Capital. The announcement for increase in fares was made by Transport Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely at a press conference. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had justified the decision, saying rise in prices of natural gas has left the government with no option but to heed to the demand of the auto unions for increase in fare. Lovely said apart from hike in CNG prices, the annual maintenance cost of autos has gone gone up by 70 per cent in last four years while the CNG prices have gone by 66 per cent during this period.

The minimum fare for auto-rickshaws will be increased from current Rs 10 for the first one km to Rs 19 for the first two km. Subsequently, the charge per km after the first two km will be Rs 6.50. Currently Rs 4.50 is taken per km after the first one km.


Capital’s citizens will have to shell out more for public transport

Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL) announced an over 25 per cent increase in the prices of compressed natural gas (CNG).The steep hike follows the Manmohan Singh Government’s decision to raise natural gas prices from Rs.3.2 per cubic meter to Rs.7.5 per cubic meter.Effective from Wednesday midnight, CNG rates go up by Rs.5.60 per kg. IGL, however, has decided not to increase the price of piped natural gas being supplied to homes for cooking purposes.

IGL might go in for an increase in piped gas if the Government hikes LPG cooking gas prices. Effective from Wednesday midnight, the Capital’s citizens will have to shell out more for use of public transport now.The new CNG price in the Capital will be Rs.27.50 per kg against Rs.21.90 so far, while in neighbouring townships of Uttar Pradesh it will be Rs.30.60 per kg.

“We are constrained to increase the retail selling price of CNG in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad due to the increase in the input price of gas procured by IGL along with its corresponding taxes and duties,” said IGL Director (Commercial) Manmohan Singh. The increase in CNG prices will marginally impact the per km running cost for vehicles, he added.

Source: The Hindu