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BBMP resumed its anti-encroachment drive after the Diwali holidays on Monday

Three properties that were encroaching upon a storm water drain have been demolished since last week.Half a kilometre of the drain was encroached by nearly 70 shops. Settled for years, they clogged the drain space, causing floods during the monsoon.

The BBMP on Monday resumed its anti-encroachment drive at Sultanpet after the Diwali holidays. These encroachments are along the stretch from Balepet circle to City Market.¬† Three properties have been demolished since last week. Another eight are expected to be demolished by this weekend. However, BBMP had halted the operation for the weekend, based on local MLA Gundu Rao’s suggestion to give the people time to vacate.The BBMP on Monday resumed its anti-encroachment drive¬† after the Diwali holidays.


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