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A record low in air and noise pollution on bandh

Bangalore: The opposition sponsored bandh may have made a strong political point and Bharat Bandh could have brought the City to a standstill inflicting major blow to trade and business, traffic police who usually have to deal with heavy pollution in the City on other days appeared quite happy.

Toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and suspended particles were much below the permissible levels in those areas which have earned notoriety in terms of pollution. Sound pollution was almost 30 per cent below the permissible level.

“It is great to work on such days when you do not have any vehicular movement.  The atmosphere with less pollution looks quite good,” said a traffic constable.”Some amazing figures in terms of less pollution have been recorded. The KSRTC Bus stand which normally records 90 decibels recorded just 57.4 with 36 percent less reduction,” said Sadashivaiah.

According to source, City Railway Station showed a steep reduction in oxides of nitrogen (NOx). It reduced to 34.02 microgram per cubic metre which is 148 micrograms onother days. The permissible standard for NOx is 80 micrograms per cubic metre.

The deserted road, less vehicular movement, children playing on an otherwise busy streets and people strolling leisurely on the roads reminded the grand-old folk their golden old days when Bangalore had earned the name of ‘Garden City’ and ‘Pensioners’ Paradise’.

Source: Deccan herald


Congestion tax on private vehicles to encourage public transport

New Delhi: Urban development minister S Jaipal Reddy on Wednesday criticized Indians for treating cars as status symbols. Reddy argued that the government could not stop people from buying cars but must design policies that discouraged buying of cars and promoted use of public transport. Reddy asked the states to consider imposing a road congestion tax on private vehicles to encourage public transport and check vehicular pollution in cities.

To a question on plans to introduce measures like congestion tax on private vehicles, Reddy said, “These are matters to be thought over and decided upon by the state governments. But having regard to size of cities, every state must think of measures like congestion tax.” Calling Indians “car maniacs”, he said, “Upwardly mobile classes are crazy about cars. Car is a status symbol in the country and this state of car mania can be done away with only in a subliminal way and not by the government.”

Reddy highlighting that over 1 lakh people were killed in road accidents every year, the minister asked the authorities to take due care of pedestrians. “Roads in the country are extremely cruel to pedestrians. The foot over-bridges are so intimidating that people prefer to cross the roads rather than use them. These are small things, which have to be taken into consideration,”

The government could not stop people from buying cars but must design policies that discouraged buying of cars. He criticized Indians for treating cars as status symbols and asked to impose restrictions like ‘one car for one family. Imposing road congestion tax on private vehicles will encourage public transport, reduce vehicular pollution in cities and discourage buying of cars.